The world's delicious food to you


Founded in 1923, Tominaga imports raw materials and processed foods from all over the world to meet quality standards and to export processed foods



Since its founding in 1923, Tominaga has been keeping stead progress going through the hardships of the times, with trading business shown as the company name confident that putting-customer's-trust-first motto and our efforts with all our hearts to create continuous partnerships through our business are the ground for today's Tominaga


Company Philosophy

Tominaga Ltd. conducts it's business on the basis of trust and co-operation and aims to be a key presence in striving for food safety and diversity, fostering belief in food products and the enjoyment of food within local communities, while also providing stability to valued business partners.



ION Co., Ltd. provides Oolong tea lineup to Korea among Tominaga's reliable products. The two oolong teas, "kobe-sabo" and "kobe-kyoryuchi," are newly blended with high-quality ingredients produced in Fujian Province, a famous tea leaf, and are being sold in Korea as a luxurious package.