"different texture, a familiar taste"


Enjoy the chewy, fun texture and caramel made with natural ingredients



Founded in 1919, Seika Foods has maintained both taste and quality, and will continue to protect it. Seika has made a lot of progress over the past 100 years. We work with our headquarters, food manufacturing plants, four logistics warehouses across Japan, and 11 branches across the country.


Company Philosophy

Along with sincere manufacturing, sales, and management, we will promote growth, contribute, and deliver true satisfaction to our customers with healthy and delicious food. We will become a company that makes food that is not artificial and can be enjoyed safely by our families



Seika Food's lineup of products imported to Korea [AME] made of tangerines, pineapples, green tea, etc. and [MOCHI] made of injeolmi and mugwort. It is a caramel that has a texture similar to Korean taffy and softness of mochi. Summer wrapping paper and starch that prevents melting We wrap the product with oblato ingredients and maintain the best taste.