"a company of craftsmen over 100 years old "


We have always worked hard to make better and safer drinks, and are currently known as the most delicious drink manufacturer in Japan and are conducting collaborations with various companies



Saito Beverage Co., Ltd. established a factory in 1897 and began its first step in Saito Beverage Co., Ltd. For a long time, Saito has been doing his best to satisfy customers by making healthy and delicious drinks with the highest quality products.


Company Philosophy

best with thorough quality control, considering my health. We always strive to produce products of good quality, including raw material selection, manufacturing process, and production.



The Saito drinks imported from ION to Korea are Ramune and soda. It has a variety of Ramune lineups, including original Ramune, green grapes, peaches, and lemons. We are introducing Sorairo Coke in Korea, which resembles the blue sea and the sky with attractive blue color.